Create Homes

Create Homes, part of Create Group, are a house-builder based in and around the North West of England, with particular focus in Lancashire. Their brand is all about quality, with their main mission being “to create beautifully built, family homes, that offer the perfect balance of designer living for a modern lifestyle in a countryside setting.” Create Homes pride themselves on building high-quality, intimate developments that provide a peaceful lifestyle, whilst still adding their designer touches and style. The current website and overall online presence was failing to truly portray this brand ethos, and create the right perception.

At a time where exciting new developments were on the horizon for Create Homes, and where a market shift was taking shape to place real importance on online innovation and digital marketing, Property HQ was the perfect solution to reinvent and modernise their online presence. This spearheaded a shift in strategy and approach to be more driven by digital, and create a platform that effectively showcases their quality homes and developments.

Services Delivered

  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Creative Design and UX
  • Bespoke Website Development
  • Visualiser Tool Development
  • Email Design and Development
  • Tracking and Analytics
  • Bespoke Integrations and Calculators

"Property HQ provided us with a fantastic website solution to showcase our luxury homes and are always happy to work with us on any developments we want to make. We particularly like the new design and the booking system they have included. The CRM is easy to use and the Sales Team are beginning to see the benefits."

Becky Haslam - Group Marketing & PR Manager

Our design team put time and effort into research and UX to ensure that this website would provide the right journeys and perceptions to meet the end goals of the customer. We also placed significant emphasis on competitor research and marketing analysis, to reveal opportunities where we could give Create Homes a real edge online, and ultimately stay ahead of the curve.

We ensured that the website maintained a strong personality throughout, that was synonymous with the quality of the brand, whilst also focusing on creating an easy to navigate website that satisfied the journeys they needed their customers to undertake online.

As part of the website build we developed a number of new, exciting interactive tools and features for Property HQ, to amplify and augment the user experience. These included:
  1. Development Locations Map = Using bespoke integrations with Google Maps, we created a site-wide map to show all their Live and Upcoming Developments in one easy tool, as well as key locations such as their Head Office. Each location has its own custom-designed pin and provides access to all key details with one simple click of a button, making information accessible to the user with minimal effort.
  2. New and Improved Customer Portal = we took our PHQ Customer Portal to the next level, undertaking a fully paperless approach to reflect our own and our clients’ commitment to sustainability. Through this, we were able to provide more online content and resources to their homeowners than ever before, such as warranties & certificates, appliance manuals, handover documents, meter details, aftercare & emergency contacts, how-to-videos and more, putting everything their customers need to settle into their new home in one easy-to-use platform.
  3. Kitchen Visualiser App = working closely with their interior designers and third-party kitchen suppliers, we developed an online configurator tool to allow Create Homes’ customers to easily visualise and personalise their chosen Create Homes kitchen with a few simple clicks. The user can choose their kitchen layout, colour schemes, and create their own kitchen collection, by selecting different swatches and tiles for each kitchen component, from flooring right through to the worktops and seating. The user can save, email and print their results directly from the tool, and access the tool from all devices and browsers with ease. Since launch the tool has generated a huge deal of interest and excitement for their customer base, and led to many enquiries and appointment viewings.
  4. Property HQ CRM System = rather than having to integrate different systems together, leading to data and customer relations being managed in multiple places, we built and developed an in-house CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System integrated within the website. The platform allows their Sales and Marketing teams to manage all their enquiries, sales, customer relations, appointment viewings, marketing signups and more in the exact same place that they can manage their website, without any need for manual processes. The system provides easy access and has significantly cut down on the team’s admin, eliminating the need for a lot of their manual updates and processes, allowing them more time to focus on other facets of sales and marketing.

Email Marketing

To help further their marketing automation, Create Homes also signed up to our bespoke Email Marketing system, Clevermail+. Flawlessly integrated with the website, this allowed them to nurture customers through the sales funnel through lists managed by customer data. This reformed their marketing communications, allowing better customer relationship management, without the need for additional resource and effort.

The website has shown great levels of performance, exposure and engagement since its inception, and we continue to enjoy working closely with Create Homes in relation to full-service maintenance and support, digital marketing campaigns, as well as exciting new projects and ventures. Watch this space!
Image of CMS
Content Management System

The CMS provides Create Homes with the ability to easily and flexibly manage all the tools, features and integrations that come as standard with their Property HQ website.

Image of interactive siteplan
Innovative interactive siteplan

The dynamic site plan allows users to easily navigate through their housing development of interest, filtering down by housetype, status, price range and number of bedrooms to find the relevant homes tailored to their specific requirements.