Nicholas King Homes

Nicholas King Homes PLC are a house-builder based in and around the Home Counties and South East of England. Their motto; ‘creating homes with the customer at the heart of everything they do’, needed to be reflected across all customer touchpoints and their website was failing to do this. At a time where exciting upcoming developments were on the horizon for Nicholas King Homes, Property HQ was the perfect solution to reinvent and modernise their online presence, spearheading a shift in strategy and approach to be more driven by digital.

The previous website was no longer reflective of Nicholas King’s credentials and forward-thinking nature as a business, so a move to a custom-built Property HQ website, that could offer their customers a significantly enhanced user interface and experience, offered the right solution at the right time.

"Often, integrating with database management systems whilst launching a new web site can be a headache, but Property HQ made the entire process seamless. We collaborated on the design process to ensure we optimised the online experience for our customers. The system itself is very easy to use and includes all the functionality we wanted. We look forward to continuing our work with Property HQ in the future."
Josephine Bellotti - Marketing Manager

"Property HQ are a highly professional team whilst still being great fun to work with."

Josephine Bellotti - Marketing Manager

Our design team placed significant emphasis on research and UX to ensure that this website would satisfy the end goals of the customer. Our creative concepts, coupled with a strategic insight, provided solid foundations for the entire digital transformation project. We ensured that the website maintained a strong personality throughout, that was synonymous with the brand, whilst focusing on creating an easy to navigate customer journey that satisfied their overall digital marketing strategy.

As part of the website build we also introduced a number of complex interactive tools and features, to amplify and augment the user experience. These included:
  1. Interactive site plan = Moving away from the standard flat image provided by so many house builders, we created a dynamic site plan which allows users to navigate through a site map, clicking on their desired plots in their desired locations, and allowing them to instantly view all of the information they need about a particular plot.
  2. Live booking system = We created an intuitive system for users and internal staff to make bookings and manage development viewings through the website. Simple yet effective and far removed from the dated systems in place across the industry, this proved to be an efficient way of transforming an interest into a lead, whilst they are at their peak interest.
  3. Stamp Duty Calculator, Help-to-Buy Calculator and Mortgage Calculator = Three key data-driven calculators built and developed to provide the user with all key information in one place, enhancing the usability of the website platform, whilst capturing key customer information from potential buyers to tailor their buying experience.
  4. Local Area maps = Enhanced integrations with Google Maps, allowing the site to interactively show key points of interest surrounding a development (Education, Attractions, Transport, Entertainment etc.)
  5. Customer Portal = A handy login portal and dashboard for homebuyers that offers secure storage for personalised information, key documents, manuals and contact details all in one place, helping to nurture the customer long after purchase. This not only retains interest and engagement with the brand, but reinforces positive customer experience, which leads to recommendations and repeat custom.

Third Party Integrations

A key overarching objective of the project was to streamline processes through automation. For years Nicholas King Homes have used the COINS CRM system for the management of customers, sales and marketing, however all information was manually uploaded as their previous website didn’t support an integration.

We worked closely with the team over at COINS to ensure we seamlessly integrated our Property HQ platform with their systems. Our bespoke integration allowed us to capture and segment customer data in the CRM portal, completely automated. This revolutionised Nicholas King’s internal operations, allowing more time to focus on the relevant facets of sales and marketing.

To help support their marketing automation, Nicholas King also signed up to our bespoke Email Marketing system, Clevermail+. Flawlessly integrated with the website, this allowed them to nurture customers through the sales funnel through lists managed by customer data. This reformed their marketing communications, allowing better customer relationship management, without the need for additional manpower.

We continue to work closely with Nicholas King Homes on all areas of their marketing activity.

Image of CMS
Content Management System

The analytics dashboard for Nicholas King Homes was custom built to display top-level data and statistics on their developments, housetypes and plots.

Image of interactive siteplan
Innovative Interactive Siteplan

The dynamic site plan allows users to navigate through a development, filtering by housetypes and status to find the relevant plots tailored to their requirements.