3 reasons why Property HQ is a superior web platform to WordPress for home builders

In a fast-paced world of digital and tech, marketers often take the easy route or the ‘just for now’ option.

Especially when their inbox is full of other things to tick off the list. But we all know that if we take a step back and look at the bigger picture, we can all do a little better when it comes to digital. The array of digital solutions to specific problems exist if we choose to see them.

Since the explosion of DIY web platforms post 2010, WordPress has been leading the way. That's due to its:

  • Relative ease of set up
  • Straightforward content management system
  • Vast array of plugins

Meaning any business can have a simple website set up without too much cost.

But this illusion of ease can mask an array of problems. Especially if:

  • Your website is specialised, not generalised
  • Security is important to you
  • You want something more bespoke to meet your business needs in a specific market.

Property HQ exists for the sole purpose of selling and marketing new homes. Anything else doesn’t understand the needs of this sector, thus cannot meet these needs. If you are a home builder who is using a WordPress website to sell your properties, then you're missing out on some great opportunities.

Here’s why …

1. The time and cost burden of maintenance are issues with WordPress

Those factors are far fewer on Property HQ. WordPress started as a blogging website, and to all intents and purposes it still is. Its capacity to function beyond this comes from the many 3rd party plugins it offers. The reliability and security of those plugins is in the hands of the original developer. That raises some serious questions.

  • Who are they?
  • What country are they in?
  • How secure are their systems?
  • Who can I call and how, if something goes wrong or becomes out-dated or cranky?

In this new era of GDPR significance, the importance of security and data compliance is paramount. Furthermore, knowing who has access to your data is vital for the smooth running of your business.

As website technology advances and grows, so does the risk of hacking and data abuse. The conception, design and build of Property HQ is all done in-house here in the UK.  And with our licence-based model, we will always be running:

  • The most secure
  • Highest performing
  • Most up to date version

of your website possible. If anything does ever go wrong, we are only a phone call away, and have a team ready for maintenance and support of your website.

2. WordPress is a ‘one-size fits all’ Content Management System (CMS).

Whereas, PHQ is completely bespoke. WordPress accounts for around 60% of websites on the Internet. This might be seen as a good thing of going with the norm, but in fact, it means that WordPress is a general, common CMS for a simple, undemanding website. Property HQ is a bespoke, tailored CMS, built only for house builders and property developers. The purpose of Property HQ is precisely with this industry in mind. All the features are for the property industry and have a proven track record across many years. You need a website that matches the specifics of the market. Our developers know how to build great websites, but they also understand the needs of your market, and your customers.

3. Your Property HQ website can be up and live in weeks, not months.

WordPress comes with a selection of themes and frameworks. The selection is vast and confusing. Having many options can be good if you are selling handmade necklaces, or posting a blog about hiking. However, when it comes to selling houses you need more flexibility. Forcing an existing WordPress theme to fit your needs is a painful process. In addition, the outcome is often a sellotape and nails job due the rigid nature of the themes available. We build your Property HQ website to meet your specifications. On top of this, because we built the framework ourselves, we can have your site up in no time at all, with no hidden extended deadlines or costs. The customer-facing side of the website matches your brand completely, right down to the finer details, whilst the backend and CMS will function exactly how you need it. You'll be uploading and managing content easily, and without stress. You can view powerful analytics data, and following up on sales leads is a piece of cake.

So, if you are a home builder using a WordPress website to showcase your new homes, give our team a call today.  You'll soon be offering your customers a better experience.