Property HQ's cutting-edge tools for the job

What cutting edge tools can you expect to have access to when having a Property HQ website?

Any digital marketer knows that ‘engagement’ is an absolutely key element to converting a prospect into a customer, and that the more value you offer on your digital platforms, the higher that engagement will be.

Here at Property HQ we have researched far and wide to discover what makes home builder websites more engaging, what tools and features web visitors find useful, and how that impacts the customer journey you offer and your general web presence. Below are some of the most popular tools our clients use to enhance the experience on their websites for their potential customers. Furthermore, because they are available at no extra cost when you use Property HQ, you can pick and choose which ones you wish to use, and which ones you don’t think you’ll need.

Help to Buy, Mortgage and Stamp Duty Calculator

Since its introduction in 2013, the government Help to Buy scheme claims to have helped get 246,000 people and 170,000 households get on the property ladder, with 4 out of 5 being first time buyers. With this success, Help to Buy has become a very important option to consider for home-seekers when looking to buy. With our Help to Buy calculator, your website visitors can very simply add in either total house price, or total deposit available, and find out the size of the loan they will receive from the government under the HTB scheme. Simple, effective and extremely helpful for potential customers looking to buy one of your properties. With Mortgage and Stamp Duty being the other two other main factors when considering a house purchase, we felt it important to include these in our armoury as well. Again, very simple and very helpful.

Interactive Site Plans

We all know that site plans are the core piece of information to give context to your development. We wanted to offer more from a site plan, and with cutting-edge technology we have brought the static PDF to life! With the ability to hover over plots to see more in-depth detail, filter available sold and reserved plots and many other smart features, this next generation site plan can bring your development to life in a way that wasn’t previously possible without costing you an arm and a leg. It’s yours as part of the package.

Integrated Maps

8 of the top 15 consideration points when buying a new house include local area and the local amenities available, according to a survey by, so having this information at the click of your fingers is a huge advantage. The ability to see local schools, shopping centres, travel links, doctor’s surgeries, and any other local amenity, is something that we bring to the table for any home builder using Property HQ. We use the Google Maps API to pull through the most up-to-date and relevant information onto our integrated maps, giving your customer better vision and peace of mind when choosing their homes.

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