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Is home builder PPC advertising a worthwhile investment?

In the competitive landscape of the new home market, connecting with potential homebuyers at the precise moment in their journey and delivering the right message is paramount. Home builders' PPC advertisements can significantly enhance their home sales when deployed effectively.

PPC advertisements have many different advantages in home builder marketing, such as precise audience targeting, immediate visibility in search results, and the ability to track and optimise campaigns for better ROI. 

Targeted approach 

With 71% of searches resulting in a click on the first page, it becomes evident that having a targeted approach is paramount. By effectively targeting the right audience and positioning your content on that first page, you can not only increase visibility and awareness but also significantly enhance your ability to stand out in the digital landscape.

Home builder PPC ads offer a level of precision and customisation that traditional advertising methods often can’t match. By tailoring your ad campaigns to a specific demographic, geographical area, or even targeting keywords associated with the unique features of your new homes, you ensure that your marketing efforts are directed towards the most relevant audience. 

By reaching the right audience, you’re more likely to attract potential buyers genuinely interested in what you have to offer, resulting in a better return on investment. 

The competitive edge 

With over 252,000 new homes sold in 2022 alone, the new home market is undeniably competitive. In such a landscape, making your new homes stand out is not just important, it’s vital. This is where strategic use of home builder ads can make a substantial difference. 

PPC ads are fully customisable meaning you can highlight your unique selling points such as energy-efficient designs, modern amenities, or attractive financing options. This level of tailored messaging enables you to not only capture the attention of potential buyers but also convey the distinct advantages that your new homes offer over the competition. 


Given that individuals frequently explore new homes during their leisure hours, often in the evenings or on weekends, it becomes imperative to schedule your ads to coincide with these peak times. This strategic approach ensures that your advertisements gain maximum visibility precisely when your target audience is actively searching for new homes.

Moreover, scheduling offers the advantage of optimising your PPC budget allocation. By directing your advertising budget toward high-traffic periods, you can ensure that your ads receive optimal exposure when it matters most. This not only maximises the efficiency of your budget but also enhances the overall performance of your campaigns.

Furthermore, recognising that different times of the day or week may demand distinct ad messaging is crucial. For instance, you may wish to emphasise showhome openings during weekends when potential buyers are more likely to visit. With scheduling, you have the flexibility to tailor your ad copy and messaging to align precisely with specific times and days, making your advertisements more relevant and compelling to your audience. This approach enhances engagement and increases the likelihood of conversions.

Some tips to help you get this right

Highlight unique selling propositions (USPs) - Emphasise what sets your properties apart. Showcase unique features, architectural designs, energy efficiency, or special offers to entice potential homebuyers.

Visual appeal is crucial - Utilise high-quality images and videos to showcase properties effectively. Capture stunning visuals of homes, interiors, amenities, and local surroundings. Visuals evoke emotions and play a significant role in attracting buyers.

Craft persuasive, clear, and concise messaging - Create compelling copy that resonates with your target audience. Highlight key selling points and a clear call-to-action (CTA) that will prompt actions.

Target specific audience segments - Utilise audience targeting options available on advertising platforms. Tailor your ads to reach potential homebuyers based on demographics, interests, location, or behaviours, this ensures your ads are seen by those most likely to be interested in purchasing a new home.

Utilise testimonials or success stories - Incorporate testimonials or success stories from satisfied homeowners. Real-life experiences add credibility and build trust among potential buyers. Sharing positive experiences can influence decision-making and instil confidence in your offerings.

Don’t let your website let you down

While a compelling advertising campaign holds significant power, its impact reaches new heights when paired with an intuitive website. Ultimately your advertising leads people to your website, so if this is not good, then you could be wasting money on advertising. 

Features we find work for our Clients at PropertyHQ include: 

  • Good Connected Search: Relevant properties, easily found based on the targeted advertising. 
  • Tracking: See where the enquiries came from and learn what advertising works, so that spend can be optimised. 
  • Gather Leads: Easy process to capture enquiries, arrange viewings and promptly meet any customer requests.
  • Quality: High quality branding to build trust and quality in your homes. 

Combine targeted advertising with a connected website to get better quality enquiries at reduced cost.

For more information, please email sales@property-hq.co.uk.
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